Friday, April 13, 2012

Bold New World

It's scary and filled with joy and pain. Creepy crawly things I now have to man up and try to stomp upon myself. Well, that's a lie. I gently redirect creepy crawlies to the door. Have to get them safely home to their mamas, after all.

It's filled with decisions that I have to make alone.

It's filled with soft places to catch me when I fall.

It's bright and sharp and sometimes it really hurts.


  1. And we're all here to soften your falls whenever and however we can. <3

  2. And we are here for you whenever you need us.... or want us.... or.... even if you don't want us at all.... <3 <3

  3. sending so much love... soft is good. Think marshmallows! xoxo <3